Upper Elementary Curriculum

upper el mathThe Upper Elementary curriculum is highly integrated across subject areas, allowing for richer assignments that are more meaningful to the students.

The curriculum continues to focus on the areas of math, science, language arts and cultural studies. However, the student’s horizons are widened to include several additional skill sets including computer skills, research and report writing, time management and study skills. These will provide them with a strong foundation as they move onto middle and high school programs.

During the daily three-hour work block, students have small and large group lessons, and work independently or in teams to complete assignments. After lunch and recess, students work in specialty subject areas including Art, Music, Tech Lab, French, Fitness, Great Books, Science Lab, Community Service and the 6th Level Program.

Through individual assignments, small group presentations, science fair projects, hands-on experimentation, cooking, desktop publishing and many other classroom activities, students learn to be empowered, independent and responsible members of a larger learning community.