Lower Elementary Curriculum

LE MathThe 6-9 (1st through 3rd grade) curriculum builds on the skills students have mastered by the end of kindergarten. Continuing work in mathematics and language arts is emphasized, in addition to geography, physics, zoology, botany, social science and history.

During this developmental phase, children want to understand how they fit into the big picture. Lessons about the origin of the universe, the different ages since the creation of the world, and evolution help them understand such concepts as the relatively small amount of time that human beings have been in existence.

In addition to academic development, the 6-9 classroom is a place where children learn to work together and to build strong social bonds. Conflict resolution skills are practiced on a regular basis, and children learn to mentor one another and to work as a team.

Students also learn to develop their own inner discipline and strong work habits as they prepare for higher level work and greater independence in the Upper Elementary (9-12) classroom.

The 6-9 experience ends with a three-day trip to the Adirondack mountains where students work as a team to climb mountains, prepare meals, and go rock climbing together.