Covid-19 Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I read the MSS Re-opening plan that was submitted to the DOH and NYSED?

A: Click here to see the MSS Re-opening plan.


Q: What states are on the current travel advisory that require quarantine from school?

A:  You can click here to get the most up to date list of states that require a 14 day quarantine.


Q: What is the current infection rate in our county?

A: Onondaga County infection rates can be found by clicking here. Governor Cuomo will allow schools to re-open if the daily infection rate remains below 5 % using a 14-Day Average. Schools will close if regional infection rate rises over 9 % after August 1.


Q: Where can I get up to date information on Covid-19 Symptoms?

A: The CDC website has the most up to date symptoms listed.


Q: What happens if someone at MSS tests positive for Covid-19? 

A: In the case that a student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, the administrative team will coordinate with the Onondaga County Department of Health, which will initiate a contact tracing process. In addition, parents in the child or staff member’s classroom will be notified of a positive case in their child’s classroom, and all members of the MSS community will be notified that there has been a positive case at school. Confidentiality will be maintained, and no identifying information will be released.

Click here for the Onondaga County Student Contact Monitoring Process

Q: Will Covid-19 testing be done at MSS?

A: No, we will not be doing any testing here on campus. Staff and students will need to go to a local testing site and the Department of Health will provide us with a list of locations. We have been told that once schools are open, there will be a specific protocol in place for instances where positive cases have been identified and we will have a portal on our website that will allow for 24 hour testing for those who have been in school while symptomatic.  We are not mandating that teachers or students be tested prior to the start of school. County Executive Ryan McMahon recently announced that both the county and Upstate Medical University are in the process of purchasing Covid-19 testing machines that will increase local testing capacity to 3,000 tests per day. The goal is to provide very short turnaround times in order to maximize students and teacher safety when schools open in September.


Q: When will my child need to wear a mask at school?

A: All students are required to wear a mask to school. There will be mask breaks allowed throughout the day. We have put together a chart to help explain our mask policy for students.


Q: How can I help my child to prepare for school?

A: You can help your child to practice good hand-washing practices and work on wearing a mask at home to make coming back to school a little easier.


Q: How can I talk to my child about Covid-19?

A: You can talk to your child about Covid-19 to help them understand and cope with the pandemic. Our teachers will be receiving training later this month to help children adjust back to the school environment. Here are a few helpful articles that you might find useful with your discussions at home:

Helping children cope with changes resulting from Covid-19

My name is Coronavirus Picture Story

Coronavirus Social Story


Q: What is the plan for distance learning, if the school is forced to close for a period of time?

A: In the case that the campus must close due to Covid-19, MSS teachers will pivot to their Distance Learning plan. These plans were initially developed during the Spring, and teachers have continued to adjust and refine the original models used for each level at the school. A survey sent to all parents over the summer assessed the presence of different types of technology in the home. This information will be collected by individual classroom teachers this fall to determine how to meet every student’s educational needs with more precision. In the event that a classroom or cohort needs to quarantine a hybrid learning model will be offered.


Q: Where can I take my child to be tested and get results quickly?

A: We have put together a list of testing sites that are in our area that should be able to provide you with quick test results. Click here for some local testing sites.


Q: I have a question. Who should I ask?

A: You can email us by clicking the image below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.







NOTE: We have set up a page dedicated to parent questions. As questions are submitted, we will post the question and response to this page to keep everyone as informed as possible. The page will be updated weekly. Click here for the link to the parent FAQ page.