Nona’s Corner is the main lending library at the Montessori School of Syracuse, and is available to students and their parents. Its primary goal is to provide up-to-date, high quality materials, both fiction and nonfiction, for our students to borrow.  Students from kindergarten to 6th level have regular library instruction and the opportunity to borrow books.

LIBRARYBy maintaining Nona’s Corner, the Montessori School of Syracuse hopes to welcome children into the world of libraries and reading; to provide enticing and suitable materials which will foster a love of learning and excitement about the process of book selection and discovery. To this end, the development of the collection will be carefully selected to meet the standards set by the Montessori learning community.

Now parents and staff can search the library’s catalog online:

Montessori School of Syracuse Library Catalog


If you are looking for a wonderful way to celebrate your student’s birthday or other special occasion, consider donating a book to our school library, Nona’s Corner.  A book plate in the front of each book will recognize your student and the librarian will recognize him or her during a library class with the new book. Your donation will help build our collection as well as increase your student’s pride and ownership in their school library.  Click here to to see the MSS “Wish List”, a collection of books put together by our school librarian: MSS Library Club Wish List