Enrichment Programs

After School Enrichment Programs are currently on hold; due to Covid restrictions.

Several after-school experiences are available for currently-enrolled students. (Additional fees apply.) Examples of some of the workshops are listed below:

drummresAfrican Drumming – World Beat is an exciting, fun program in which elementary students learn the basics of drumming, focusing on traditional African beats and rhythms. Open to elementary students.

Savannah Juvanis – Started in 2002, this student African-drumming ensemble has performed throughout Central New York. Elementary students who have taken World Beat meet weekly to work on their repertoire and even compose new pieces.

Soccer Clinic – In this outdoor workshop, elementary students develop a knowledge of soccer basics, and refine their skills, learn drills and enjoy scrimmages.

Culinary Decorating РThis workshop covers the basics of decorating and working with buttercream icing, fondant and royal icing. Techniques covered include: piping and flooding, stenciling, wet on wet, and creating texture with icing and fondant decorations.

Weave Wrap & Wind – This art program engages students in tactile play giving them the skills to create artistic works long after the class ends, from string art to geometric weaving. The students build tools and recycle old clothes to create a rug, which they will bring home. They will play with natural materials as they explore their surroundings. Students will learn with a variety of weaving techniques in this program.

Piano Lessons – Students have the opportunity to receive private piano lessons on campus. For students ages 6 and up.

Suzuki Violin Lessons – Students have the opportunity to receive private violin lessons on campus.